Coaching Packages

 Our coaching services take business owners and marketing professionals to the next level.

Sometimes you need to have someone to simply be accountable to and other times its necessary to have someone map out just how you will achieve the goals for the next stage of your business.

This is our 5 step process.

ASSESS: We'll have an initial meeting to discuss what you want to achieve with your marketing within a specific time period.

DOCUMENT: Shortly afterwards, you'll receive a documented plan with actionable steps to achieve your goals based on the initial assessment.

ON-GOING MEETINGS: By either a phone call or face to face meeting once a week we will connect to discuss what’s working and what might need to be adjusted to continue toward your success.

IN-BETWEEN COMMUNICATION: On-going availability by email correspondence from Monday-Friday to answer questions.

WRAP-UP: After you accomplish your marketing goals, we'll meet one more time a couple of months later to check in on your progress.

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