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Welcome to the 9 P’s of Marketing

Welcome to the 9 P’s of Marketing

In this set of 9 videos, you will get an overall look at what it takes to build a strategic marketing
plan customized for your business that can be easily implemented.

Along with each video, there are tools especially designed to assist you with building your plan of

    Where do I start?

  • Watch the Planning module first. It will give you some insight on how to lay the foundation of your
    plan. After watching this video, draft an outline of your plan using the tool provided. The other 8
    modules can be watched in any order; they are meant to complement each other. As you watch
    each video be sure to fill in the various areas of your marketing plan outline.
  • What if some parts of the Marketing Plan Outline do not pertain to my business?

  • The Marketing Plan Outline tool provided in the Planning module will need to be customized to
    suit your business. The sections listed are suggestions for your plan, but some sections may not
    apply and you might want to add in other relevant sections.

  • How does the Promotions Planning Chart work?

  • Like many of the other tools included with the Modules, the Promotions Planning Chart is an easy
    way to organize and plan your marketing activities. This particular tool demonstrates a calendar
    of activities with associated costs for a visual look at how you are planning your promotions.

  • What do I do once I finish my Strategic Marketing Plan?

  • At Ratio Reports, we offer a complementary report on your plan. You can submit it to We will send you feedback on your plan.

  • What if I have more questions?

  • You can email with questions pertaining to the Modules.

The 9 P’s of marketing video series includes tools and tips for strategically developing and implementing a plan of action for your marketing initiatives.


A complete set of tips, tools and templates to build your own Strategic Marketing Plan, including:

  • Access to 9 videos each one covering a different aspect of the strategic marketing plan

To effectively use this video series be sure to watch the Planning video first followed by any of the other videos in no specific order. You can go back and watch the videos as often as you like.

Here is the list of videos:

  • Planning: create an outline for your marketing plan
  • Product: understand what elements you need for product development
  • Pricing: know how to price your product and service for success
  • Place: get an understanding of how to deliver your product to your customer
  • Promotions: create a plan of action to know who does what when
  • People: find out how to deliver the right product and promotions
  • Perception: understand how to brand your product
  • Positioning: know how to differentiate yourself amoung the competitors
  • Proof: find out how to create surveys to get customer feedback

This course is perfect for you if you have a product or service based business.




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Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Safari Browsers preferably on a laptop or desktop computer. For mobile users - remember to click on mobile video link for a lower bandwidth video.
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